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A pretty, old tea/chocolate cup made a beautiful planter for one of my favourite plants, Hyacinths! I found this cup and saucer a good while back, but enjoyed planning ahead and I got it planted up ahead of time and gave this to mum on mothers day. She loved it 🙂


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ImageOk, so i really do love flowers, and plants. I love the imagery of flowers in fashion and design and love growing flowers even more. This year i have planted many many seeds and they have come up really well so far. I have grown a few veggies, like beetroot and spinach and salad leaves, and then an array of flowers for the garden and hanging baskets. I figured for a tiny bit of effort it would be alot cheaper than my mum buying already grown plants later on in the season. Also i have some bits growing which i hope will be in flower ready for my sisters wedding in August so that we can give a few plants as favours and generally be used for decoration. It really is a gamble as i think i may have planted them late, so i may be in for a disappointment, but ill share pictures if my flowers make it to the big day! I would share pictures of the green house but Ive made a complete mess of it, and other gardeners would be shocked at the lack of organisation, it literally is a seedling free for all! My sister is also in the fortunate position to be buying her first place with her fiance, so this has given me an extra reason to plant a few more bits this year…I’m not sure she realises yet but her back garden might just be full of Nasturchans and Lavender, and Chocolate mint…Definately a terrible mix aesthetically, but hey i never said i was a garden designer 😀

I pretty much have this choatic approch to anything i try to do, i put it down to the fact i have little energy due to my M.e and so when i do try to do things i try and make up for not being able to do everything i want to, so everything turns into a choatic jumble…which in the long term makes things alot more tiring and stressful, but overall i think gardening can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. I am literally 24 going on 65, but i love what i love, and i love flowers.

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Spring is definitely here and its utterly gorgeous.I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and have recovered from the chocolate indulgence. I received a beautiful Easter egg from my mum (Marks and Spencers, a big thumbs up to you!) and literally was close to tears when i found it had melted in the sun after opening my bedroom curtains. Obviously there are worse things that can happen, but there is something about a melted Easter egg that seems very traumatic. I refrained from spooning out the melted mess there and then, i do have some pride you know! However I still plan to eat, the now refrigerated lump of white chocolate. And what have I learnt from this melted egg incident? Well firstly that melted white chocolate looks amazing, secondly that spring is definitely here. By the very fact that my egg (and it was large) managed to melt into a molten mess in the temperamental spring sunlight definitely means spring is here. Dont you think? However all this talk of  the sun is giving off a rather unrealistic image of spring in England. Currently the April showers are making everyday a bad hair day, but I cant help but get excited about the coming warmer months. My tea dresses are coming out along with the sun hats! (talking of which I need a new one so I will be sussing out some vintage style sun hats in the coming weeks) But for the next few days I will be posting up a few images which are inspired by spring, so keep an eye out 🙂 and I hope I can inspire you vintage spring style!

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