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ImageImageThis must have been my first sewing project in almost years…shame full I know, but due to lack of energy and what not, I just have not been up to much! But me and my mum were in C&H fabrics a few weeks ago when we found sewing patterns were at half price (OMG I know!!! *AMAZING*) and that’s when we found this gem of a pattern! Ive been wanting to make a cute little collar for a while now, and this was a really good pattern to try and ease me back into sewing as I have never been really very good at it.  this project was just perfect to build a little confidence 🙂

So much so, I am attempting my next, in a very very slow manner. I find I am the slowest at sewing, mainly due to the fact i have M.E and have to rest after short amounts of sewing, and then there is the setbacks…oh crumbs I have had so many of these in this current project. If it was not for my amazingly talented mum I would not have got this far! It will be  a miracle if I it get completed. However I am determined!!! I have the completed item in my imagination, and that makes me very happy, so I just have to keep that in mind every time i make a silly mistake! It is a real test of patience, not something I’m used to!

So here is a sneak peek! Any guesses as to what it is?!




The dress has no great age, and pretty much modern, but I just wanted to share this lovely fabric design. The dress does not fit me and im half tempted to chop it about to make it fit/something from it…Just not sure what I could make from it! any ideas?


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Ok so lately i have started a sewing project, my first in possibly a couple of years actually. I have been trying to make a skirt, from a vintage grey check fabric, and although the process has been fun, it has been really frustrating. Firstly the pattern size came up massive (why does this always happen?! or too small!) so it needs taking in loads, and secondly, more importantly I don’t really like the skirt…Its a bit of a shame and is making getting it finished difficult. There is nothing like a unfinished project to make you feel bad about yourself, but I just know if I saw this skirt in the shops I would walk straight past it. Maybe I will change my mind with a few trimmings and I promise I will show you the finished skirt soon 🙂 But for now just a couple of snaps! again Mr Bingley plonked his bum down on my stuff, he loves being with me in my room, I think generally as there is usually always stuff to sit on the floor! im pretty messy! but obviously I tell myself it is because he adores me!


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Spring inspirations: Number 3

A couple of vintage sachets of flower dust, found in the loft, amongst my mothers vintage fabrics. There is something very quaint about them, don’t you think?

I have stumbled across this website, and absolutely adore the designs and ideas!

Its been a glorious spring weekend in sunny England and have spent most of saturday in outside enjoying the best of it. Yesterday was spent with two good friends with tea and cakes, and today in the back garden. I took a couple of snaps of these two little beauties.

I cant help but think, how lovely the colour and patterns are on both of these, and how iconic the two are. To think nature can create such bold and vibrant patterns is amazing. I am very drawn to colour, pattern and symmetry and these two have it all. It’s no wonder the Victorians embraced entomology, and collected and studied butterflies. The 20th century also saw large amounts of butterfly wings used in jewellery and trinkets, but although these items can be so beautiful,  like most people i  prefer wings left on butterflies and to steal a glimpse of one in the garden always makes me smile!

Butterflies in particular are all over the high street stores in a fantastic array of prints, and cute patterns. Maybe i can find some vintage items with butterflies on, or maybe some of vintage lovers out there have any items with butterflies on?

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