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1920's style cloche hats

Dear fellow bloggers, just a quick note to let you know I am now on Facebook as well as on my little blog! For all things vintage, colourful and just generally a little bit of everything that makes me happy you can find me at:


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Sorbet summer!

Ruched dress
£1,289 – farfetch.com

Pink dress

Zipper shoes
$125 – modcloth.com

American apparel shirt
$20 – etsy.com

Matiko shoes
$180 – solestruck.com

Vintage jewelry
$32 – etsy.com

Trumpette Mary Jane Sock Set
$28 – barneys.com

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

Ok, so whats this all about, well its about the website www.colourlovers.com, which is definitely dangerously addictive, if you love colour, design, and patterns that is. It is still early days for me so there is alot more avenues to explore, but already I have coloured in patterns (possibly on the childish side, but its very fun), designed patterns, entered competitions. At first I was a bit like ‘Ok, this all seems odd and a bit dare I say sad?!’ But what the hell, im totally loving it now! And would definitely recommend it as a relaxing place to wander through when you have nothing better to do!


It is that time of the year again, when I start fretting about what swim wear to get. Needless to say The past two years I have floundered around worrying about the perfect design that I actually miss the summer all together and miss getting myself the perfect swim suit*Sigh* As is probably obvious, i am quite particular. I am fussy about colour and pattern, I have naturally red hair, which does not go with a lot of colours! And although my figure is slim with a Small bust I still like everything to be held in its place! I like to not be too revealing, but finding the perfect mix of sexy coverage can lead to a very sore feet and a very sore head as shops in the Uk just don’t really seem to stock the bathers I dream of! I can flick through old magazines from the 1950’s and think that is it! that’s the one! the one I dream of! and then reality hits home and I realise I am over 60 years too late and beachwear is just not a sexy as it used to be. Or is it? Well ive done some trawling though the web, and it seems if your budget can aim a little (and alot) higher than it really does seem like there are 1950’s costumes out there! you do just have to look. I am a massive fan of  Modcloth, which is an US site, but being in the uk the postage costs are too high, so not a realistic place for me to buy a swimsuit, but here is a selection of what they offer for all you gals out there!

Modcloth 50's style swimware

Esther Williams one piece swimwear
$90 – modcloth.com

Plus size bikini
$90 – modcloth.com

Esther williams swimwear
$90 – modcloth.com

Esther Williams one piece swimwear
$90 – modcloth.com

One piece swimwear
$90 – modcloth.com

Two piece bathing suit
$90 – modcloth.com

Polka dot bikini
$90 – modcloth.com

Bandeau swimwear
$87 – modcloth.com

Fables by Barrie retro bathing suit
$68 – modcloth.com

One company that instantly comes to mind when dreaming of vintage style swimwear is Jantzen, they are one of the originals and produced some beautiful designs, and still do to this day. If you are looking for quality and don’t worry much about money then they are a stylish option! you can check out their blog here for some real swimwear indulgence!
Anthropology is currently doing these two designs which I absolutely adore!
Boden usa have these beauties, and many more with a cute selection of bikinis!
Red or dead have some brilliant designs this year, which can be bought on asos or on the red or dead website
And here I will leave you with all these beautiful swimming costumes, so which one is going to be yours this summer? 🙂

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