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I cant wait to use this vintage 1960's bag this autumn!

My Partner bought me this bag last year for my birthday when we visited Rye, East sussex, England. There are a great many thrift stores there, full of antique and vintage goodies, a great place to visit if you ever head that way! This bag had been put away over summer…but with autumn creeping closer i have got it out and i cant wait to use it again! I dont own many bags, but this one of my best ones.  It dates from the 1960’s and i just adore it!


bergcloudWednesday Wishes!

Need I say any more? This is just adorable! And its available to pre-order now. It’s a cute little printer that gathers together your selected puzzles, stories, news, friends birthdays and more, and then prints them in a mini newspaper format.

Is it pointless? Hmm, possibly especially with Ipad’s and phones being a direct source for this kind of information already. But what the heck! So many people are going to love this, and it is certainly a worthy participant of my Wednesday wishes!

Today I am feeling quite awful with a cold (oh i know… awwww!), so doing a little bit of browsing for this weeks Thrifty Thursday post has been a lovely escape from feeling sorry for myself!

This week find comes from buzzfeed.com and is a list of really great thrifty projects for you undertake. My favorites are:

t-shirt diy tank top

magazine bel seat diy

Thrifty Thursday!

Following on from yesterdays new plan to make a regular Wednesday post, i thought why not thursday too! This time i plan to share an online vintage thrifty find, something that inspires and unlocks the creative side of us all! I love the idea of turning on old run down item and making something new and refreshing, I love how seeing something used in a new and exciting way always makes me feel ‘Why did I not think of that?!’ So hats off to all you ladies and gents who do come up with such creative ideas!

This weeks picture is from apartment therapy, and is by Dutch designer Isabel Quiroga. wouldn’t this idea make a perfect crafting, sewing area?! Except, when ever I have a surface I fill it with crap so maybe this idea would offer too much surface area for the likes of me!


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