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ImageImageThis must have been my first sewing project in almost years…shame full I know, but due to lack of energy and what not, I just have not been up to much! But me and my mum were in C&H fabrics a few weeks ago when we found sewing patterns were at half price (OMG I know!!! *AMAZING*) and that’s when we found this gem of a pattern! Ive been wanting to make a cute little collar for a while now, and this was a really good pattern to try and ease me back into sewing as I have never been really very good at it.  this project was just perfect to build a little confidence 🙂

So much so, I am attempting my next, in a very very slow manner. I find I am the slowest at sewing, mainly due to the fact i have M.E and have to rest after short amounts of sewing, and then there is the setbacks…oh crumbs I have had so many of these in this current project. If it was not for my amazingly talented mum I would not have got this far! It will be  a miracle if I it get completed. However I am determined!!! I have the completed item in my imagination, and that makes me very happy, so I just have to keep that in mind every time i make a silly mistake! It is a real test of patience, not something I’m used to!

So here is a sneak peek! Any guesses as to what it is?!




I love browsing the web for unique one of finds, but also bargains as I don’t like to spend a lot on anything! I also love looking at local charity shops, in fact I have been volunteering in one for a year now, specialising in what I love best, vintage! I have had M.E (CFS) for 8 years now, so I cant always get out and about to see the things I want to see, which is why I love the internet, and its huge caverns full of vintage goodies! One place which is great for looking around is www.oxfam.org.uk. It is literally like a charity shop online, with some great pieces. Here are some of my favorites currently online!

Vintage size 8/10 60's maxi patterned dress, £29.99, Picture from WWW.OXFAM.ORG.UK

Vintage Lightweight 60s contrast colour Purple jacket. Approx size 12, £23.00, picture from WWW.OXFAM.ORG.UK

Vintage Mary Quant Ginger Group, Size 12, £70.00 picture from WWW.OXFAM.ORG.UK

Vintage unbranded size 8 copper coloured long dress, £40.00, picture from WWW.OXFAM.ORG.UK

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