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I just could not feed the urge to share this dress, its beautiful, and a complete peice of art! I found this on a beautiful website called Swanfield Boutique, which started life out as a travelling boutique. Swanfield is still on tour, but the website remains its central hub and is a complete pleasure to browse. Overall it has a very grown up feel, but remains quirky which is always a bonus!



Here are a few more of my favourite goodies on here!

Crochet anchor collar



Womens Smart Sandals - Trilby Hat in Red/White/Blue from Clarks shoes

Womens Smart Sandals – Trilby Hat in Red/White/Blue from Clarks shoes.

I just love these and the price of £22.49 is a bargain! Great for a last-minute vintage nautical look for the tag end of summer,  or save as a treat for next year, because lets face it nautical is always in fashion! 😀 Or if like me you are from the uk, show your support to team GB in these beauties 🙂

Stairway to Heaven. Shoe Heaven that is!

I found this on http://scraphacker.com a lovely idea of using an old step-ladder as a shoe rack. This got me just a little excited as I know out in the back garden behind the greenhouse currently lies a small set of steps from an old bunk bed…Im thinking this could be their destiny!

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