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December is creeping up on us pretty quick, and pretty soon it will be Crimbo, which means one thing. Money is tight!

Sooooo, us ladies always like a hand  bag or two and so this Wednesday I am finding vintage bags for under £15! They could be a sneaky cheap pre Christmas treat for you, or a bargain gift for a loved one.

So here are my top picks, I love them all, but the first and the last are my favourites! I love them!

1950's embroidered tapestry floral hand bag bag vintage clothing dresses shopping online

source: theoutfitters asos marketplace

vintage tweed handbag

image from: soretro on asos marketplace

beaded vintage clutch bah 1980's deco art
source: sindyb on asos marketplace

vintage tapestery bag

source: so retro on asos marketplace

1950's tartan box hat box bag

source: ladyjadey asos marketplace

vintage 1950's tapestry embroidered hand bag floral

source: thevintagescene asos marketplace

vintage 1950's basket bag rafia pink summer pin up

source: red rebel vintage asos marketplave


Wednesday Wishes!

Ok so this weeks wish, is actually quite affordable at £21.00.

Although it is described as a 1940’s bag, this is actually a 1960’s Welsh tapestry bag, and I am a great fan of these bags and purses. I have one Welsh tapestry purse and really love it despite it being tiny and quite impractical. A common find made from Welsh tapestry is winter capes, which if in good condition can look amazing and really brighten up a dull day as well as being very warm!

This picture is from ChiefVintage on asos marketplace.

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