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Its been a while since Mr Bingley got his spot in the limelight so i just though i would share with you a little about his favourite activities.

First and foremost his favourite toy is Baby Pooh. They have been together since Bingley was small, and it is still Bingleys toy of choice. Baby Pooh was picked up from a bargain bin in a charity shop, but was in brand new condition. Now though as the years have passed Pooh only has half an ear left and his jumper is slightly worst for wear, and even a tumble in the washing machine fails to make him glow, but he is much loved by Mr Bingley and I have to admit Baby Pooh is very cute!


Although he may not look like it Mr Bingley is very clever, and sometimes he does not always get the chance to use his brain at its best. Although nibbling on Baby Pooh’s ears is fun, it does not stretch Mr Bingleys intelligence! So recently my family bought him a special ‘thinking’ toy for our favourite little man, it is a Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy called ‘the brick’. And so far has been a massive success. I would not really call it much of a challenge for Bingley, as he worked out what to do first time, but it still keeps him busy for a little bit and makes having treats a bit of a workout for him too! The pictures make him look terrible grumpy…Believe it or not he does actually enjoy playing with it, I think he just has a serious face on because of all the thinking!



He is also very fond of a little game with his tennis ball, he does not go crazy over it like some dogs, but enjoys collecting the ball as long as it is in the comfort of his own home. He wont play fetch out on walks at all. In fact he thinks that is rather embarrassing so we stopped attempting that a long time ago!


My last pictures are possibly the most frequented of Bingley activities. Its a daily job Mr Bingley feels he has to do, in fact he sits in the armchair when he knows its 4:30pm and waits for the newspaper boy to deliver the paper! We have always allowed him to do this task as frankly its super cute and Bingley utterly loves collecting mail and the newspapers from the door. The only trouble is when you have not realised he has collected it and he then goes on to rip it up…Yes its very naughty, and quite frustrating, but hey, that’s why we love him! 😀




Thrifty Thursday: Repurposed wooden pallet bookcase


I love the rawness of this weeks post. It’s such a simple idea which needs very little work, and it doesn’t even need hanging up! Just prop it up against a wall, so its easy to move when you get bored with your room layout!

A word of warning though if you have youngsters, make sure there are no splinters, other wise it could be OUCH!


This week, since Saturday I have been on a family holiday in the lovely Isle of Wight with my boyfriends parents. Everything has been quintessentially English, as you would expect on this wonderful island. I do hope to share some photos of you once I return, but am not technically advanced enough to do so whilst away!

We are staying in a gorgeous thatched cottage which is over 200 years old, the lovely dark timber beamed living room, with it’s wood burner in the inglenook fireplace is a wonderful novelty. All the walls are stupendously thick and built from lovely pale stonework.

The journey here was more than interesting as the weather was terrible. The south of England has been victim of endless rain in recent months (we literally have had no summer) so the rain on the island just sat in the roads, flooding the already narrow and track like paths. We went through one flood which I honestly did not think we would get to the other side! The days since have been good weather in comparison, on sunny day and the rest grey, but pleasant!

And so what have we done so far…eat…eat…eat, and a few other bits and bobs. Although I am small I can eat for an army, and the food on the island has proven to be lovely. Today in the lovely picturesque town of Shanklin we enjoyed a gorgeous cream tea in the cottage garden of a lovely tea house. Made even more perfect by a friendly little robin, and mr and mrs blackbird. All of which looked well fed and very eager to eat some of the scones, needless to say they got some!

Today we had a peep round Ventnor, which honestly was not amazing but I was pleased to find a vintage clothes shop called oh so vintage! In which was a lovely rail full of 1950s dresses. A 1940’s
Jacket caught my eye, in a lovely dark green colour, it was simply Devine, but would have been a luxury too far for me. The picture at the top is of this shop but is from the website, www.oh-so-vintage.co.uk There was also a good selection of charity shops, so the bargain hunter in me could not resist! And when you can buy a pretty tea plate for 10p it really is the icing on the charity shop bargain hunting cake 🙂 It will be perfect for my sisters hen tea party, woop!

Anyhow, I am sorry this dear diary style post comes with no pictures, I can’t wait to share a few pictures with you all when I get back!

Following on from my recent post   70’s fashion reblog , a reblog from the wonderful blog called We Heart Vintage, i thought i would share with you my hats. I’m pretty sure i have expressed my liking for hats a while back in my blog, but i have never got around to sharing with you my hats.None of which are vintage, but i always love to pick a vintage inspired style!

The fact is I’m Ginger. Pale, pasty, and very burnable in the sun, and honestly sun hats are the only thing that can keep me sane in the summer sun (of which we have had very little in England this year), and so rather by necessity i have trained myself to appreciate the hat, and also fellow hat wearers. Particularly as it is not always easy to wear a whopping great hat with utter confidence! Naturally i believe myself to be a bit of a wally in my hats, and do not consider myself a confident wearer of hats, but needs must and if you are given lemons, make lemonade, so i do try to enjoy the yearly ritual of the sun hat and frankly any hat looks better than a red and peeling sunburned face!




And whilst i am on the subject of hats, i would just like to share with you the hat stand i use. Its actually a Milliners block and it belonged to my Grandmother, Sylvia who was a milliner! I would love to have some of the hats she made and i would have loved to have met her, but unfortunately i don’t and i didnt. If anyone would like to see some pictures though I’m sure i could dig out a few photos of some of her hats! Its also her I have to thank (or possibly blame! only kidding!) for the gingerness, oh and my middle name is Sylvia! So my liking and need of hats really does come from that side of my family!

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