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Hellooooo i am back, slightly blog rusty! So heres a slightly rusty tin to say sorry!

vintage dainty dinah horners antique collectable dew vintage tin

Hi all! Its been ages since I last blogged, I am so sorry to the regular readers. I have been pretty run down since Crimbo so I hope you will forgive my slackness!

Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and frankly feel like I have tonnes to show you, and am surely going to end up creating a mish mash of posts over the coming weeks of all the bits and bobs I know you will like to see. Organisation never has been a good point so again do forgive any randomness!

I excitedly wanted to show any vintage lovers this really lovely vintage tin I found today. It’s super super pretty and is a confectionary tin for Dainty Dianah toffees. It’s a bit battered but still charming. As always I did a little digging and found this website which is full of all sorts of information on Horners, Dainty Dinah tins. It’s worth a peek!





I have just picked up this pair of vintage jelly moulds from a  house local to myself, as i put in a tiny bid of 99p for them on eBay and won! Woop! Don’t you just love eBay?! So yes, for 99p i have got these two beauties, and they will be perfect for the tea party, for making a jelly and then for putting sweets out in as they will look super cute on the table! It really is silly to be so excited over jelly moulds, but these are just gorgeous!


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