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Thrifty Thursday: Repurposed wooden pallet bookcase


I love the rawness of this weeks post. It’s such a simple idea which needs very little work, and it doesn’t even need hanging up! Just prop it up against a wall, so its easy to move when you get bored with your room layout!

A word of warning though if you have youngsters, make sure there are no splinters, other wise it could be OUCH!

This weeks Wednesday is wish is a weird one. I’ve literally only just stumbled across this jewellery designer, as I was researching various materials to make some jewellery with . I’ve been feeling really fidgety recently, and a little lost on the creative front, so I am just pondering on the world of jewellery making (any help and suggestions would be lovely!). And voila, this lady’s work caught my eye.

It’s the imagination of it that I really admire, I think you either love this work or hate it.  It’s slightly creepy, but at the same time playful which is the main appeal for me!  The workman ship is very clearly high on these pieces too, altogether I think they are fascinating and wonderful!

All pictures are from margauxlange on etsy!

Her website is also worth a peep at http://www.margauxlange.com/

It seems an absolute age since I held my sisters vintage inspired hen party. But as promised here are some of the photos of some of the little details of the special day. I made each hen a heart shaped blackboard necklace, of which they could decorate with their own chalk pen. You can buy blank wooden hearts on ebay, and a good quality chalk board paint at good DIY stores if you want to make these yourself!

I also made some drink charms, plenty of bunting, and a notice board (with the help of my best friend!!) for everyone to leave a message on in the form of vintage postcard. We played Mr & Mrs, and pin the kiss on David Beckham, whilst we ate copious amounts of lovely food brought by each of the girls.

It was an amazing afternoon, and the evening was just a lovely as we met up with the Men and went for drinks in a local bar.

Please do excuse some very rushed photography, as i barely had time to take perfect pics as frankly we were having way too much fun to be worrying about photography! Which is how any special day should be 😀

vintage blackboard necklace

Heart stencil printVintage drink charms on tea cupvintage notice board in room with buntingVintage tea party tables in gardenvintage jars, wedding vases with lavender invintage notice board, weddingWedding hen party mess

Dear fellow bloggers, just a quick note to let you know I am now on Facebook as well as on my little blog! For all things vintage, colourful and just generally a little bit of everything that makes me happy you can find me at:


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Ok so this week me and my dad have joined forces and are trying to get some picture frames painted for my sisters coming wedding. So as and when i have time and the energy i do a few minutes here and there of painting these frames and pegs. My sister bought the frame from a pound shop, and then we have used dulux paint to paint them blue and cream. The cream takes absolutely ages as its so fiddly to get half decent, but between us the job is getting done very slowly and i am really liking the vintage inspired look. The paint is matt so it looks like plasterwork when dry, and the colours are gorgeous. I just hope we do a great job for my sisters big day and get all 11 done on time!






Following on from my recent post   70’s fashion reblog , a reblog from the wonderful blog called We Heart Vintage, i thought i would share with you my hats. I’m pretty sure i have expressed my liking for hats a while back in my blog, but i have never got around to sharing with you my hats.None of which are vintage, but i always love to pick a vintage inspired style!

The fact is I’m Ginger. Pale, pasty, and very burnable in the sun, and honestly sun hats are the only thing that can keep me sane in the summer sun (of which we have had very little in England this year), and so rather by necessity i have trained myself to appreciate the hat, and also fellow hat wearers. Particularly as it is not always easy to wear a whopping great hat with utter confidence! Naturally i believe myself to be a bit of a wally in my hats, and do not consider myself a confident wearer of hats, but needs must and if you are given lemons, make lemonade, so i do try to enjoy the yearly ritual of the sun hat and frankly any hat looks better than a red and peeling sunburned face!




And whilst i am on the subject of hats, i would just like to share with you the hat stand i use. Its actually a Milliners block and it belonged to my Grandmother, Sylvia who was a milliner! I would love to have some of the hats she made and i would have loved to have met her, but unfortunately i don’t and i didnt. If anyone would like to see some pictures though I’m sure i could dig out a few photos of some of her hats! Its also her I have to thank (or possibly blame! only kidding!) for the gingerness, oh and my middle name is Sylvia! So my liking and need of hats really does come from that side of my family!

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