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Vintage carrier bags, oh so very colourful!

I just thought i would share this picture of a bundle of old carrier bags my parents have cleared from the loft. I like all the colours! They date mainly from the late 70’s and 80’s, it seems a shame to just throw them away, any ideas for craft projects using them?!


Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

Ok, so whats this all about, well its about the website www.colourlovers.com, which is definitely dangerously addictive, if you love colour, design, and patterns that is. It is still early days for me so there is alot more avenues to explore, but already I have coloured in patterns (possibly on the childish side, but its very fun), designed patterns, entered competitions. At first I was a bit like ‘Ok, this all seems odd and a bit dare I say sad?!’ But what the hell, im totally loving it now! And would definitely recommend it as a relaxing place to wander through when you have nothing better to do!


Today i have the blues.

Ok so today and the past few days things have not been going so great, but I am not here to moan, instead here is a cheery little snap shot of a vintage painting I bought at a charity shop over the weekend. Apparently it was brought in by a 95-year-old woman, and it probably dates from the 1950’s. I can see that the canvas is stretched over an old picture frame, so im already liking the thriftiness of this piece. And honestly, after looking at these bright flowers, things don’t seem quite as glum!

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