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For this weeks Wednesday wishes I have picked a few delightful pieces from a Etsy shop called DearGolden. They have a wide choice of stock, and their pieces are just glorious so I will share my favourites!

vintage rertro 1940's 40's purple tea eveing dress vintage clothing dresses dewvintage

1940’s purple tea dress

1930's felt wool tilt hat 1940's vintage hat millenery fashion style dresses dewvintage

1930’s felt wool tilt hat

1940's rayon print tea dress style fashion vintage clothing dewvintage dew

1940’s rayon print tea dress

All photos are from http://www.etsy.com/shop/DearGolden


I cant wait to use this vintage 1960's bag this autumn!

My Partner bought me this bag last year for my birthday when we visited Rye, East sussex, England. There are a great many thrift stores there, full of antique and vintage goodies, a great place to visit if you ever head that way! This bag had been put away over summer…but with autumn creeping closer i have got it out and i cant wait to use it again! I dont own many bags, but this one of my best ones.  It dates from the 1960’s and i just adore it!

Ok so this week im going all Edwardian on you all. For those of you who are a fan of vintage suit, I hope you will like this!

I found this on a gorgeous website called www.fabgabs.com, this website is a beautiful example of vintage at its best, the photography is amazing, and the descriptions are top-notch too!

This two piece early 20c walking suit is a whopping $750.00, and surely would be an investment for the lucky buyer. But when you think about it, how many future investments are this stylish?!

I just love the details, and the quality of this suit. The pockets are detachable and are detailed with buttons. For me pockets+buttons is a massive thumbs up…Buttons are cute and pockets are just plain useful! I might steal this idea for future sewing projects, it could be a simple way of quickly altering an existing dress or skirt!

This weeks Wednesday wish dress is a real fairy tale vintage dream. Think totally girly, indulgent, cute, and pink! Normally I shy away from such girlyness, but this one is cute as a cupcake and too good to not share. The price tag of £350 although totally out of most people budgets ( Hence the Wednesday Wishes part) but for a dress so beautiful £350 could be considered money well spent. If you were so inclined this would make a great wedding dress for a quirky 50’s vintage girl! I just adore it!

Picture is property of rokit.co.uk, well worth a visit!

Snapshot dollhouse '96

Its seems in 1996 25th of July i was playing with my mums old dolls house and i must have taken this picture. The dolls house is now put away, but i must have loved playing with the vintage toys even then! This picture makes me smile as i vaguely remember taking the time to really carefully set the scene for this picture! I remember the sofas and arm chairs are made from matchboxes covered in scraps of fabric, pretty good to last from the 50’s through both my mums and my childhoods! It was always a real treat to play with this house, and i think still would be even though im 24!

Following on from my last post, I also bought these three cute 1980’s badges for a few pence. I just loved the quaint pictures and too cute to be true captions.  I hope to find a use for them in something I do, but no ideas yet…any idea from you guys?!

DewVintage 1950's art design dress dressespink floral

This is one of my own 1950’s dresses, its made from a gorgeous hot pink flock and screen printed blossom fabric,and in a classic hourglass shape. Perfect for tea parties! The belt is a modern elastic belt, and I have added a vintage cardigan clip to it for decoration! The print is so spring like, I just had to share it with you. This dress is actually too big for me and so sadly I don’t get a chance to wear it, and due to age it has got lots of damage…someone has been at it with an iron making it all shiny and there is water stains and holes in various places! But despite all this it is a beauty and maybe when I get older and carry more weight I will wear it! Do any of you lovely followers have any 1950’s frocks? or dresses in a 1950’s style?


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