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I cant wait to use this vintage 1960's bag this autumn!

My Partner bought me this bag last year for my birthday when we visited Rye, East sussex, England. There are a great many thrift stores there, full of antique and vintage goodies, a great place to visit if you ever head that way! This bag had been put away over summer…but with autumn creeping closer i have got it out and i cant wait to use it again! I dont own many bags, but this one of my best ones.  It dates from the 1960’s and i just adore it!


Vintage carrier bags, oh so very colourful!

I just thought i would share this picture of a bundle of old carrier bags my parents have cleared from the loft. I like all the colours! They date mainly from the late 70’s and 80’s, it seems a shame to just throw them away, any ideas for craft projects using them?!

These bags are full of fun, so unique!

I just could not resist sharing these designs, im in love, and although they are not my style, I cant help but love them!

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