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I found this little programme for a tiny price of 25p at a local vintage shop. It was the front cover that drew me in, and then as I flicked through the pages I saw some lovely examples of high-end fashion from the time.

It is such a step back in time, and as I flick through the pages I can imagine my self at the theatre, dressed up to the nines in my art deco beaded attire! The adverts are aimed at ladies with money, and really brings back the allure of the luxury of the time! Glorious!


   theatre booktheatre book2920's Savoy theatre programme art deco flapper fashion 1920's 20's vintage920's Savoy theatre programme 1920's art deco fashion, flappertheatre book5  theatre book1


I found this lovely little children’s book today and just wanted to share the gorgeous 1920’s illustrations by Hilda.T.Miller within. The book is so quaint and although I have not had time to read it, it seems to be a sort of bug’s life-esque story, with each garden bug and butterfly having its own cute rhyming ditty . It really was a great find, and I’m 100% sure its a first edition too which makes it a tiny bit lovelier don’t you think?



1920's australian mug shots


I stumbled across this article on the http://www.dailymail.co.uk and for anyone interested vintage clothing, and history it is a fascinating glimpse in the 1920’s in Australia. The pictures are so haunting, but also very real…theres no made up glamour here which we tend to see in vintage advertising and photographs of the rich and famous of the time. A fascinating look if anyones interested!

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