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Picture post: A vintage inspired print takes my denim blues away!


Please excuse the poor quality of this photo, this is the first post I have made using my smart phone, but as you can see the camera is shoddy! But ah well, I hope to do more picture posts whilst on the move in the future. Although I certainly think you can’t beat a proper camera and a good sit down at the computer! This print cheered me up today, I found it in Dorothy Perkins on the sale rail, whilst desperately looking for some jeans. As I am sure you know looking for jeans can be tiring and not always fruitful, so to find this joyful little ditty print made me smile, and took my denim blues away!


2012 in review, a humble start but im proud of my blog :-)

I was excited to come across my blog report, Its pretty humble but i admit it makes me feel very pleased to even think 1 person has gained enjoyment from my blog as afterall that is what its all about!

I would like to personally thank my most active commenters:






Youre comments make it the more worthwhile!


Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hellooooo i am back, slightly blog rusty! So heres a slightly rusty tin to say sorry!

Hellooooo i am back, slightly blog rusty! So heres a slightly rusty tin to say sorry!

vintage dainty dinah horners antique collectable dew vintage tin

Hi all! Its been ages since I last blogged, I am so sorry to the regular readers. I have been pretty run down since Crimbo so I hope you will forgive my slackness!

Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and frankly feel like I have tonnes to show you, and am surely going to end up creating a mish mash of posts over the coming weeks of all the bits and bobs I know you will like to see. Organisation never has been a good point so again do forgive any randomness!

I excitedly wanted to show any vintage lovers this really lovely vintage tin I found today. It’s super super pretty and is a confectionary tin for Dainty Dianah toffees. It’s a bit battered but still charming. As always I did a little digging and found this website which is full of all sorts of information on Horners, Dainty Dinah tins. It’s worth a peek!


The decorations are up! What do you think of my DIY twig tree and vintage baubles?


n tree twigs diy dewvintage 3 4  5

Research: Kralik Glass

I have stumbled across Kralik glass after seeing affordable but damaged examples on Ebay. Interestingly it seems Kralik are said to have been one of the largest art glass producers of the 20th century. Kralik’s art glass is labelled under the term bohemian, which is a term used for glass that was produced in Bohemia and Silesia, regions of Czechoslovakia, now known as the Czech Republic.

A brilliant insight into the history of the glass can be found here: http://www.nouveauglass.co.uk/kralik-glass/

I’ve looked around for comprehensive identification pictures of Kralik Glass and this is the best websites i have found are: http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia/bohemian_glass/kralikglass_home.htm



Kralik vases

This image is a good example of Two patterns made from the same vase shape. Kralik glass often reused shapes with different patterns, which can make a good aid to indetifying Krlik glass.
Image from: http://www.kralik-glass.com

Wednesday wishes: Bargain vintage bags on asos market place! ALL FOR UNDER £15!

December is creeping up on us pretty quick, and pretty soon it will be Crimbo, which means one thing. Money is tight!

Sooooo, us ladies always like a hand  bag or two and so this Wednesday I am finding vintage bags for under £15! They could be a sneaky cheap pre Christmas treat for you, or a bargain gift for a loved one.

So here are my top picks, I love them all, but the first and the last are my favourites! I love them!

1950's embroidered tapestry floral hand bag bag vintage clothing dresses shopping online

source: theoutfitters asos marketplace

vintage tweed handbag

image from: soretro on asos marketplace

beaded vintage clutch bah 1980's deco art
source: sindyb on asos marketplace

vintage tapestery bag

source: so retro on asos marketplace

1950's tartan box hat box bag

source: ladyjadey asos marketplace

vintage 1950's tapestry embroidered hand bag floral

source: thevintagescene asos marketplace

vintage 1950's basket bag rafia pink summer pin up

source: red rebel vintage asos marketplave

A stroll along Brighton promenade with Mr Bingley!

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