As the title suggests this weeks Wednesday wishes is centered around some great fabric prints I found this week in the shop named White Stuff. I don’t normally look in this shop and only popped in for a peep whilst waiting to meet a friend for lunch.

To my surprise the shop was a wonderful array of colour, lovely deep colours that really warm the soul. And the window display was a really cute take on a woodland scene with wooden logs, mushrooms and trees made from cardboard.In the trees hung oversized felt biscuits…odd but oh so cute! I wish I had got a picture to show you all!

For a  high street store I rather enjoyed the boutique feel of the shop, Inside there were even pot plants, really quite lovely! The website is just as charming, do take a peep!

typewriter print dress white stuff dearie dress
This dress named ‘dearie’ was my favourite. I just love the kitsch typewriter print!
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Another lovable print!
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The tailoring and bird print pattern are so lovely!
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