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Source: casasugar.com via Sherry on Pinterest

As the title suggests this weeks Wednesday wishes is centered around some great fabric prints I found this week in the shop named White Stuff. I don’t normally look in this shop and only popped in for a peep whilst waiting to meet a friend for lunch.

To my surprise the shop was a wonderful array of colour, lovely deep colours that really warm the soul. And the window display was a really cute take on a woodland scene with wooden logs, mushrooms and trees made from cardboard.In the trees hung oversized felt biscuits…odd but oh so cute! I wish I had got a picture to show you all!

For a  high street store I rather enjoyed the boutique feel of the shop, Inside there were even pot plants, really quite lovely! The website is just as charming, do take a peep!

typewriter print dress white stuff dearie dress
This dress named ‘dearie’ was my favourite. I just love the kitsch typewriter print!
Picture from: www.whitestuff.com
Another lovable print!
Image from: www.whitestuff.com
The tailoring and bird print pattern are so lovely!
Image from: www.whitestuff.com


For this weeks Wednesday wishes I have picked a few delightful pieces from a Etsy shop called DearGolden. They have a wide choice of stock, and their pieces are just glorious so I will share my favourites!

vintage rertro 1940's 40's purple tea eveing dress vintage clothing dresses dewvintage

1940’s purple tea dress

1930's felt wool tilt hat 1940's vintage hat millenery fashion style dresses dewvintage

1930’s felt wool tilt hat

1940's rayon print tea dress style fashion vintage clothing dewvintage dew

1940’s rayon print tea dress

All photos are from http://www.etsy.com/shop/DearGolden

vintage adverts mental health dew

So today is World Mental Health Day, and with the subject mental health being close to my heart I thought I would spread the awareness of this day! I thought I would share this scan from a small book I found at my Grandad’s when he passed away a few years ago. Although the book is battered I could not resist keeping the torn pages as they really are a snippet of the past. Unfortunately the front pages are not present so no date is visible. The reason I have shared this today is for the advert titled:  Inferiority Complex. An interesting insight into the ‘Instant cure’ advertisements of the time!

vintage wrapped parcel post present retro style

Today i recieved a parcel in the post and it was actually wrpaped in brown paper and tied with string. I thought this only happned in old books and films! It was lovely and i just wish every parcel was as old fashioned as this 😀

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