Today in the post 3 filters came for my  bridge camera, pretty exciting considering I have wanted some for so long! I finally got around to getting some as I wanted a few for taking pictures at my sisters coming wedding (don’t worry we are also getting profs in!). I got a soft focus one, and 4 point star and a warming filter. So far my pictures have been pretty shoddy with them, especially the soft focus one as I am not sure I really like the blurred effect, but I have not been taking portraits which I know would be the most appropriate use…maybe it will be more handy on the wedding day itself, but the loss of detail does concern me.  The other two seem quite nice. I am surprised how subtle the effects are and to be honest I hoped maybe the difference in the picture quality would be more startling, but this may just take some getting used to. Anyways my main reason for posting about this is I would love any help for getting the most out of these filters. Any tips?