Ok so this week im going all Edwardian on you all. For those of you who are a fan of vintage suit, I hope you will like this!

I found this on a gorgeous website called www.fabgabs.com, this website is a beautiful example of vintage at its best, the photography is amazing, and the descriptions are top-notch too!

This two piece early 20c walking suit is a whopping $750.00, and surely would be an investment for the lucky buyer. But when you think about it, how many future investments are this stylish?!

I just love the details, and the quality of this suit. The pockets are detachable and are detailed with buttons. For me pockets+buttons is a massive thumbs up…Buttons are cute and pockets are just plain useful! I might steal this idea for future sewing projects, it could be a simple way of quickly altering an existing dress or skirt!