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bergcloudWednesday Wishes!

Need I say any more? This is just adorable! And its available to pre-order now. It’s a cute little printer that gathers together your selected puzzles, stories, news, friends birthdays and more, and then prints them in a mini newspaper format.

Is it pointless? Hmm, possibly especially with Ipad’s and phones being a direct source for this kind of information already. But what the heck! So many people are going to love this, and it is certainly a worthy participant of my Wednesday wishes!


I just could not feed the urge to share this dress, its beautiful, and a complete peice of art! I found this on a beautiful website called Swanfield Boutique, which started life out as a travelling boutique. Swanfield is still on tour, but the website remains its central hub and is a complete pleasure to browse. Overall it has a very grown up feel, but remains quirky which is always a bonus!



Here are a few more of my favourite goodies on here!

Crochet anchor collar



Today in the post 3 filters came for my  bridge camera, pretty exciting considering I have wanted some for so long! I finally got around to getting some as I wanted a few for taking pictures at my sisters coming wedding (don’t worry we are also getting profs in!). I got a soft focus one, and 4 point star and a warming filter. So far my pictures have been pretty shoddy with them, especially the soft focus one as I am not sure I really like the blurred effect, but I have not been taking portraits which I know would be the most appropriate use…maybe it will be more handy on the wedding day itself, but the loss of detail does concern me.  The other two seem quite nice. I am surprised how subtle the effects are and to be honest I hoped maybe the difference in the picture quality would be more startling, but this may just take some getting used to. Anyways my main reason for posting about this is I would love any help for getting the most out of these filters. Any tips?


Thrifty Thursday...DIY sugar cubes

This week im feeling romantic…Its 9 days until my sister gets married! It’s all very exciting and nerve-wracking!
I just recently held her a vintage-ish tea party for her hen do, I promise I will share some pics soon, although I will pre warn you now I didn’t have time to take many as I had so much to do.

To be honest I cheated when I came to sugar cubes on the day and just bought a small box from Tesco’s, having never bought sugar cubes before this in itself was quite exciting…yes I really did find buying sugar cubes exciting, oh dear! But had I of seen this before, it could have been a lovely addition to the table!

What could be sweeter than a little bit of love in you tea?!

hand made sugar cubes,

This tutorial and images are from a lovely blog www.niftythriftythings.com

Ok so this week im going all Edwardian on you all. For those of you who are a fan of vintage suit, I hope you will like this!

I found this on a gorgeous website called www.fabgabs.com, this website is a beautiful example of vintage at its best, the photography is amazing, and the descriptions are top-notch too!

This two piece early 20c walking suit is a whopping $750.00, and surely would be an investment for the lucky buyer. But when you think about it, how many future investments are this stylish?!

I just love the details, and the quality of this suit. The pockets are detachable and are detailed with buttons. For me pockets+buttons is a massive thumbs up…Buttons are cute and pockets are just plain useful! I might steal this idea for future sewing projects, it could be a simple way of quickly altering an existing dress or skirt!

Womens Smart Sandals - Trilby Hat in Red/White/Blue from Clarks shoes

Womens Smart Sandals – Trilby Hat in Red/White/Blue from Clarks shoes.

I just love these and the price of £22.49 is a bargain! Great for a last-minute vintage nautical look for the tag end of summer,  or save as a treat for next year, because lets face it nautical is always in fashion! 😀 Or if like me you are from the uk, show your support to team GB in these beauties 🙂

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