Not being into sport much myself I can admit I have not be overly excited about the olympics although me and my family did head down to Hove to catch a glimpse of the olympic torch on it travels. And I even eagerly watched the opening ceremony and did enjoy it…of course the best bit was Mr Bean! Now that the events are on TV its hard not to feel the Pride of the United Kingdom, and the buzz of hosting such an event again. Recollections of the London Games in 1948 keep coming up in the media and I thought it would be a good chance to share some images from these games!

Olympics 1948 brochure

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American diver Zoe Ann Olsen prepares for a springboard dive. She won silver in London in 1948.  Read more:

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I hope you enjoy this small selection of my favorite finds! There are lots more at the source websites I have linked to so do enjoy.

For all of you living outside of the uk, welcome to England and good luck!