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Not being into sport much myself I can admit I have not be overly excited about the olympics although me and my family did head down to Hove to catch a glimpse of the olympic torch on it travels. And I even eagerly watched the opening ceremony and did enjoy it…of course the best bit was Mr Bean! Now that the events are on TV its hard not to feel the Pride of the United Kingdom, and the buzz of hosting such an event again. Recollections of the London Games in 1948 keep coming up in the media and I thought it would be a good chance to share some images from these games!

Olympics 1948 brochure

Image from http://now-here-this.timeout.com

Image from www.http://www.guardian.co.uk

Photograph: Picture Post/Getty Images


Image from www.http://www.guardian.co.uk

Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

Photo from http://life.time.com

Frank Scherschel—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

American diver Zoe Ann Olsen prepares for a springboard dive. She won silver in London in 1948.  Read more: http://life.time.com/culture/1948-london-summer-olympics-life-photos/#ixzz222dBoL00

Photo from http://life.time.com

Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

I hope you enjoy this small selection of my favorite finds! There are lots more at the source websites I have linked to so do enjoy.

For all of you living outside of the uk, welcome to England and good luck!


Today I am feeling quite awful with a cold (oh i know… awwww!), so doing a little bit of browsing for this weeks Thrifty Thursday post has been a lovely escape from feeling sorry for myself!

This week find comes from buzzfeed.com and is a list of really great thrifty projects for you undertake. My favorites are:

t-shirt diy tank top

magazine bel seat diy

Wednesday Wishes!

Ok so this weeks wish, is actually quite affordable at £21.00.

Although it is described as a 1940’s bag, this is actually a 1960’s Welsh tapestry bag, and I am a great fan of these bags and purses. I have one Welsh tapestry purse and really love it despite it being tiny and quite impractical. A common find made from Welsh tapestry is winter capes, which if in good condition can look amazing and really brighten up a dull day as well as being very warm!

This picture is from ChiefVintage on asos marketplace.


This week, since Saturday I have been on a family holiday in the lovely Isle of Wight with my boyfriends parents. Everything has been quintessentially English, as you would expect on this wonderful island. I do hope to share some photos of you once I return, but am not technically advanced enough to do so whilst away!

We are staying in a gorgeous thatched cottage which is over 200 years old, the lovely dark timber beamed living room, with it’s wood burner in the inglenook fireplace is a wonderful novelty. All the walls are stupendously thick and built from lovely pale stonework.

The journey here was more than interesting as the weather was terrible. The south of England has been victim of endless rain in recent months (we literally have had no summer) so the rain on the island just sat in the roads, flooding the already narrow and track like paths. We went through one flood which I honestly did not think we would get to the other side! The days since have been good weather in comparison, on sunny day and the rest grey, but pleasant!

And so what have we done so far…eat…eat…eat, and a few other bits and bobs. Although I am small I can eat for an army, and the food on the island has proven to be lovely. Today in the lovely picturesque town of Shanklin we enjoyed a gorgeous cream tea in the cottage garden of a lovely tea house. Made even more perfect by a friendly little robin, and mr and mrs blackbird. All of which looked well fed and very eager to eat some of the scones, needless to say they got some!

Today we had a peep round Ventnor, which honestly was not amazing but I was pleased to find a vintage clothes shop called oh so vintage! In which was a lovely rail full of 1950s dresses. A 1940’s
Jacket caught my eye, in a lovely dark green colour, it was simply Devine, but would have been a luxury too far for me. The picture at the top is of this shop but is from the website, www.oh-so-vintage.co.uk There was also a good selection of charity shops, so the bargain hunter in me could not resist! And when you can buy a pretty tea plate for 10p it really is the icing on the charity shop bargain hunting cake 🙂 It will be perfect for my sisters hen tea party, woop!

Anyhow, I am sorry this dear diary style post comes with no pictures, I can’t wait to share a few pictures with you all when I get back!

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