Ok, so the time for my sisters hen do is fast approaching as i am feeling somewhat unprepared. I have until early august to get things perfect, and to be honest im not a natural entertainer and party planning is not my top skill. In fact I worry so much that i tend to over plan, which in my opinion can be worse than too little planning!

But anyway, the idea is to have a late afternoon tea party, followed by cocktails, maybe a few games…although nothing too tacky (if anyone has any idea for games please please please get in contact as i am stuck!) and generally getting the girls together and in the party mood for heading out to bars and clubs later on.

So ive been flicking through the internet for ideas and inspiration and so i just thought i would share my findings, some ladies out there have got things done perfectly i just hope i can put an amazing afternoon and evening together for my sister and her closest friends.

These pictures are from a lovely blog: http://whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com

I love how the food has been presented, I hope to achieve something close to this! The bunting is in progress, and I have been gathering serving plates from second-hand places, at bargain prices.

Vintage Hen party