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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I just love this new collection by Fearne Cotton, for very.co.uk. Normally these celebrity trying to be designer collections annoy me, but I have to admit this collection has a few gems in it, pretty cute! Here are my favourites:

Pictures are from WWW.VERY.CO.UK


Ok so this week me and my dad have joined forces and are trying to get some picture frames painted for my sisters coming wedding. So as and when i have time and the energy i do a few minutes here and there of painting these frames and pegs. My sister bought the frame from a pound shop, and then we have used dulux paint to paint them blue and cream. The cream takes absolutely ages as its so fiddly to get half decent, but between us the job is getting done very slowly and i am really liking the vintage inspired look. The paint is matt so it looks like plasterwork when dry, and the colours are gorgeous. I just hope we do a great job for my sisters big day and get all 11 done on time!






Thrifty Thursday!

Following on from yesterdays new plan to make a regular Wednesday post, i thought why not thursday too! This time i plan to share an online vintage thrifty find, something that inspires and unlocks the creative side of us all! I love the idea of turning on old run down item and making something new and refreshing, I love how seeing something used in a new and exciting way always makes me feel ‘Why did I not think of that?!’ So hats off to all you ladies and gents who do come up with such creative ideas!

This weeks picture is from apartment therapy, and is by Dutch designer Isabel Quiroga. wouldn’t this idea make a perfect crafting, sewing area?! Except, when ever I have a surface I fill it with crap so maybe this idea would offer too much surface area for the likes of me!


Wednesday Wishes!

I plan to share with you all, one vintage delight from endless online vintage goodies, every Wednesday! So keep your eyes peeled for Wednesday Wishes!

Ok, so my first dress isn’t strictly vintage, but shh! I wont tell if you don’t! I can’t belive this one-off hasn’t been snapped up already! It’s a beauty, and made to your size, what more could you want!

Sorbet summer!

Ruched dress
£1,289 – farfetch.com

Pink dress

Zipper shoes
$125 – modcloth.com

American apparel shirt
$20 – etsy.com

Matiko shoes
$180 – solestruck.com

Vintage jewelry
$32 – etsy.com

Trumpette Mary Jane Sock Set
$28 – barneys.com

Snapshot dollhouse '96

Its seems in 1996 25th of July i was playing with my mums old dolls house and i must have taken this picture. The dolls house is now put away, but i must have loved playing with the vintage toys even then! This picture makes me smile as i vaguely remember taking the time to really carefully set the scene for this picture! I remember the sofas and arm chairs are made from matchboxes covered in scraps of fabric, pretty good to last from the 50’s through both my mums and my childhoods! It was always a real treat to play with this house, and i think still would be even though im 24!

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