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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Vintage carrier bags, oh so very colourful!

I just thought i would share this picture of a bundle of old carrier bags my parents have cleared from the loft. I like all the colours! They date mainly from the late 70’s and 80’s, it seems a shame to just throw them away, any ideas for craft projects using them?!



Too many vintage vases!

Take a peep at these three vintage studio ware vases. I am having a clear out and these three lovelies have to go, so check out my etsy shop in the coming days if you like them ❤

This cute little fledgeling came into the house today, he (or she?!) was such a sweetie and even took food from my sisters hand. Sorry about the poor photo quality, i could not use flash as i did not want to startle the poor little thing!

When we finnally mannaged to get it to a door, i then took a  few snaps of it in daylight 🙂

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I have just picked up this pair of vintage jelly moulds from a  house local to myself, as i put in a tiny bid of 99p for them on eBay and won! Woop! Don’t you just love eBay?! So yes, for 99p i have got these two beauties, and they will be perfect for the tea party, for making a jelly and then for putting sweets out in as they will look super cute on the table! It really is silly to be so excited over jelly moulds, but these are just gorgeous!


Hi all, recent weeks have been rather taken over by various plans as I want to hold a vintage tea party for my sisters hen do. She is getting married in August and quite a lot of the creative bits and bobs need to be started. After sitting down and really thinking about it seems there is an awful lot to do, and to plan. Thankfully I have help on hand in the form of my sister and mum, but also my best friend Zena. Me and Zena plan to make some bunting out of bits of material I have around so I will post pictures of the bunting when we have at least started it! But for now I am going to post some pictures of some drink charms I have been making for the girls, to put on the tea cups and wine glasses. I’m not totally decided on if these charms are ok or not, having never made these things before!…i get a bit fussy so any suggestions for improvements i can make would be fantastic. I still have to make a few more, but so far these have been fun, and quick to make, and good for using up odd beads!



I also had a bash at making some chocolate brownies as I would like to serve some at the party, having never made them I was really surprised how easy they were, and how totally gorgeous they were to eat! I think I really struck gold with the recipe I used which was lucky, and honestly they did not last long after being cooked, always a good sign 🙂 However the process of making them was kinda of like being taken to a heavenly chocolate world, only one where you can’t eat the chocolate! how cruel!


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