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Following on from my last post, I also bought these three cute 1980’s badges for a few pence. I just loved the quaint pictures and too cute to be true captions.  I hope to find a use for them in something I do, but no ideas yet…any idea from you guys?!


Today i have the blues.

Ok so today and the past few days things have not been going so great, but I am not here to moan, instead here is a cheery little snap shot of a vintage painting I bought at a charity shop over the weekend. Apparently it was brought in by a 95-year-old woman, and it probably dates from the 1950’s. I can see that the canvas is stretched over an old picture frame, so im already liking the thriftiness of this piece. And honestly, after looking at these bright flowers, things don’t seem quite as glum!

1920's australian mug shots


I stumbled across this article on the http://www.dailymail.co.uk and for anyone interested vintage clothing, and history it is a fascinating glimpse in the 1920’s in Australia. The pictures are so haunting, but also very real…theres no made up glamour here which we tend to see in vintage advertising and photographs of the rich and famous of the time. A fascinating look if anyones interested!



Ok so lately i have started a sewing project, my first in possibly a couple of years actually. I have been trying to make a skirt, from a vintage grey check fabric, and although the process has been fun, it has been really frustrating. Firstly the pattern size came up massive (why does this always happen?! or too small!) so it needs taking in loads, and secondly, more importantly I don’t really like the skirt…Its a bit of a shame and is making getting it finished difficult. There is nothing like a unfinished project to make you feel bad about yourself, but I just know if I saw this skirt in the shops I would walk straight past it. Maybe I will change my mind with a few trimmings and I promise I will show you the finished skirt soon 🙂 But for now just a couple of snaps! again Mr Bingley plonked his bum down on my stuff, he loves being with me in my room, I think generally as there is usually always stuff to sit on the floor! im pretty messy! but obviously I tell myself it is because he adores me!


DewVintage ❤

Its my Mothers birthday tomorrow, and so this evening i have wrapped her present up. At the moment I’m really going through a presentation is everything stage, but also on a ‘I don’t want to spend money on wrapping paper stage’. On first impressions the two don’t co-exist very well, but really I’m finding present wrapping can be a whole lot more fun when done on a zero budget! OK so today i have cheated a little and have used part of the present as decoration in the form of a vintage brooch, but the ribbon and paper i have found in drawers of junk here! I’m pretty sure most of you guys will have loads of treats around the house perfect for wrapping and beautifying! I’m going to make it my task to try and be more inventive with my wrapping ideas and hopefully spend very little in the process and recycle a few bits and bobs. This is a very humble example of what can be done and honestly not very inventive and verging on the garish side, but practice makes perfect right?! so maybe in a few months time i will be a crafting, thrifty, wrapping queen!


Oh and my dog 5 year old Mr Bingley wanted a bit of the wrapping action, but soon got tired and fell asleep on a pile of my stuff. Don’t you agree polka dots and florals quite suit him!

Vintage dog, puppy, sleeping, nap, polka dot, cavalier king charles, retro DEWVINTAGE

DewVintage ❤

DewVintage 1950's art design dress dressespink floral

This is one of my own 1950’s dresses, its made from a gorgeous hot pink flock and screen printed blossom fabric,and in a classic hourglass shape. Perfect for tea parties! The belt is a modern elastic belt, and I have added a vintage cardigan clip to it for decoration! The print is so spring like, I just had to share it with you. This dress is actually too big for me and so sadly I don’t get a chance to wear it, and due to age it has got lots of damage…someone has been at it with an iron making it all shiny and there is water stains and holes in various places! But despite all this it is a beauty and maybe when I get older and carry more weight I will wear it! Do any of you lovely followers have any 1950’s frocks? or dresses in a 1950’s style?


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