I came across these three finds outside a Charity shop today, and with them being complete and utter bargains i snapped them up. To be honest i have not actually ever watched a cult classic (but then who has?) usually i only admire the slightly tongue in cheek artwork that is usually found on the boxes. But how could i resist a DVD with a back cover like this?! The monster looks like a fuzzy guy from  the Muppet’s or Sesame
Sreet (of course that’s instantly appealing!) 
To be honest i am intrigued as to why all the screen shots show terrified looking people, surely this is just the Cookie Monsters big brother?! but anyhow, this film, The creature from the haunted sea, looks like a complete and utter gem, and on reading some reviews on line i am ready to expect a very budget  badly made 1961 comedy horror, but whats not to love about that?!
 This film, Lady of Burlesque looks like a gem purely for the love of vintage fashion, this looks like its got glamour, beautiful dresses, and beautiful women in. I’m hoping it will be a glimpse into more glamourous times!