Ok so I am pretty new to this wonderful world of blogging. In fact im completely and utterly clueless about this whole online existence thing. I’m a pretty introverted kind of girl in everyday life, in fact given a chance I keep most pleasures to myself and don’t shout to the world “hey look over here! this is me! this is what I do! this is what I like!” and so naturally I feel this blog thing is rather like me being thrown into a crowd of people a told to talk for 10 minutes about myself and my interests, which would be near impossible for me to do!

So I am approaching this blog rather like a shy little girl, and almost find comfort in the fact I have no viewers or followers. But over time I hope a few of you find interest in the things I choose to share and hopefully I can learn to open up and enjoy sharing what inspires me.

Hopefully as time goes on my interests will become clear, but keeping it brief, my main loves are vintage clothing and homewares, style, colour and pattern, craftwork, and of course my family, my dog, and my partner who all share and encourage this vintage dream.