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I came across these three finds outside a Charity shop today, and with them being complete and utter bargains i snapped them up. To be honest i have not actually ever watched a cult classic (but then who has?) usually i only admire the slightly tongue in cheek artwork that is usually found on the boxes. But how could i resist a DVD with a back cover like this?! The monster looks like a fuzzy guy from  the Muppet’s or Sesame
Sreet (of course that’s instantly appealing!) 
To be honest i am intrigued as to why all the screen shots show terrified looking people, surely this is just the Cookie Monsters big brother?! but anyhow, this film, The creature from the haunted sea, looks like a complete and utter gem, and on reading some reviews on line i am ready to expect a very budget  badly made 1961 comedy horror, but whats not to love about that?!
 This film, Lady of Burlesque looks like a gem purely for the love of vintage fashion, this looks like its got glamour, beautiful dresses, and beautiful women in. I’m hoping it will be a glimpse into more glamourous times!


Lifes a hoot!

Graphic tee
$20 – delias.com

Owl bag
£12 – hannahzakari.co.uk

Les Nereides gold jewelry
£30 – debenhams.com

Wood jewelry
£22 – hannahzakari.co.uk

Monserat De Lucca owl jewelry
$13 – modcloth.com

Beau-tea-ful Surprise Mug in Owl
$25 – modcloth.com

Barn Owl Cake Plate
£20 – liberty.co.uk

Wooden Owl Frame
$18 – urbanoutfitters.com

Owlton John Cushion 40cm
40 AUD – freedom.com.au

Owls Black Stone Owl Objet
£10 – habitat.co.uk

There is something about a outright rude and erotic vintage items that stirs an interest in modern day culture. At least it does in my modern day culture! and to be honest these shoes are shocking, but very very chuckle worthy. It makes me wonder what sort of lady would of worn them?! and indeed what circles she moved in. I mean was it common for ladies to wear such images on their shoes, or maybe these shoes would have been a hidden symbol worn under a floor skimming hemline? i mean surely they were not worn combined with a shorter hemline?!! But if these are indeed 1920’s shoes then it makes me smile to think they were worn for frequent visits to jazz clubs for a dance or two, completely on show for everyone to see. Even then they must have attracted some attention, be it good or bad! How very cheeky! i cant help but love them though 🙂

Joyful Molly

… or so the maker of this exquisite piece of footwear must have thought. At first glance, it’s a shoe as worn by a fashionable lady in the mid-18th century. But at the second glance – well, at the second glance, it’s the roaring twenties in all their glory.

Now’s the moment to hit the back button if you’re not old enough for naughty shoes.

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 This would be a perfect decoration this spring and easter, experiment with colours and fabrics!

I have stumbled across this cute idea for a quick homemade dress. This could be a good opportunity to use up some vintage bits of fabric. I will let you all see if i come up with anything good!

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